It is always tougher when you’re starting out. There is a huge hill to climb, and you’re right at the bottom. Hopefully, my story will help you on your journey to becoming a design leader.

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The beginning…

I didn’t go to art or design school. And I didn’t think I was extremely artsy growing up.

All I ever wanted to do was create things; as a child, I spent a crazy amount of hours playing with Lego and K’Nex. I would make all kinds of…

Tldr: Not everyone is good at making decisions, so don’t expect a group of people to make brilliant decisions.‍

I’ve got a massive gripe with how certain flavours of design thinking, you know, the ones that say that we need to agree as a group to move things forward, saying that we need to be democratic in how we decide which ideas we should move forward.

See, I think…

Focus states are an essential part of ensuring that a user interface can be navigated by a person not using a mouse. And ensuring that everyone has a positive user experience.

Simply put, a focus state highlights the current element which enables people to navigate and interact with a website using a keyboard or voice control software or technologies.

They are also largely forgotten about for most designers and developers, which generally means that the user experience for a large portion…

Shane Doyle

Husband • Dad • Lead Product Designer • 🇮🇪🇪🇺 • • co-founder of

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