07/07/2016 a day to celebrate 😀🎉🎉

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1 million users have downloaded the DoneDeal app for Android

I’ve been working in DoneDeal for over 3 years now, I started off as their very first mobile developer and then finally became Mobile Product Owner. Over those years all of the DoneDeal team have spilled blood, sweat and tears into making that an excellent product so it’s a credit to each and every one of them on the success that it has become.

I remember back in January chatting to Aggie (the head of marketing in DoneDeal) about how our Android app would go over the 1 million downloads mark sometime during the year and that we should make a big deal about it. When asked what time of the year would it be I guessed that it would be “late June or early July” when it should happen.

Thursday the 7th of June 2016 was the day that the DoneDeal app for Android had finally gone over the 1 million user downloads. It’s also my mothers birthday, my fiancée’s grandmother and namesake birthday. Finally, it’s exactly one year from the day (7/7/2017) that I get married to my beautiful fiancée Colette.

What a day!

Here’s my shameless plug: If you’re into your apps then I would highly recommend that you download the DoneDeal app from either the Google Play Store or the App Store.

And finally, learn more about my work @ shanedoyle.io

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